World-class wealth advisory


The confidence knowing you’re on a path for success – this is what phenomenal wealth management can provide. We’ve built an ecosystem, with our internal and external partners, serving our clients’ every need – investing, banking, planning, business value creation, mergers & acquisitions, charitable giving, and more.

Complexity made simple

We regularly solve problems our clients have never faced before, transforming complex situations into effective next steps.

Five-star process & plan

A financial plan is most effective when it considers the entirety of our clients’ needs, from retirement tax strategies to estate planning.

Full-service for family continuity

With a focus on building long-standing relationships with the entire family, we’re able to provide steady wealth planning for generations.

Strong collaboration with existing advisors

To ensure a seamless service, we communicate and collaborate with existing accountants, lawyers, and other advisors.

Growing companies is our business

Fast-growing entrepreneurs have a specific set of needs. Once a plan is in place, we turn our focus towards helping grow our clients’ businesses.

Strategic giving

We empower our clients' philanthropic wishes, including the establishment of charitable foundations or aligning their investments to generate social and environmental returns, as well as financial.

Extreme partnership for exceptional results


Insurance Services

Insurance is a cornerstone for wealth creation and protection for the families we work with. It helps us manage risk, provide alternative choices to magnify your wealth, reduce your taxes, and ensure that funds are passed on to future generations or charities.

For business owners, we also help coordinate health and benefits reviews for employee benefit packages with RBC Group Insurance. Our reviews often lead to significant savings and a better understanding on how to cost-effectively support physical and mental wellness in your workplace. We also deliver sophisticated home and auto insurance solutions for complex needs like multiple properties in various jurisdictions, or bespoke assets like art and vehicles.

Capital Markets

The largest fund managers and companies around the globe recognize RBC Capital Markets as a trusted partner with in-depth expertise. The firm is also a critical partner to our team and clients – helping us manage money, execute liquidity transactions, and provide best-in-class investment products for your particular needs.

Michael has deep relationships within RBC Capital Markets, having built a line of business within the firm in 2000s. As a result, we have become a destination practice for business owners, blending wealth management and capital markets experience to help you raise capital, receive world-class M&A advice, or achieve liquidity of your holdings without market disruption.

Estate and Trust

With significant wealth, estate plans can become too complex for one trusted executor to handle alone. Our partners at RBC Royal Trust are equipped to take on the role of executor, co-executor, or trustee, backed by a firm that has done so for over 100 years. Together, we’ll establish and manage key planning, tax, and retirement options such as Retirement Compensation Agreements for highly compensated business owners and executives.

Private Banking

Our clients often have more complicated financial arrangements, with multiple corporations, trusts, or foundations. We design sophisticated banking solutions to meet these needs, collaborating with our trusted partners at RBC Private Banking.

These bankers helped earn RBC the “Best Private Banking Services” in Canada acknowledgement, as surveyed in 2020 and for 12 of the 13 previous years. Together, we will ensure that your financial structure is logically integrated into your greater financial plan, minimizing time spent on transactional banking, and facilitating more efficient credit and lending against your total net worth.

Commercial & Corporate Banking

Many of our clients have relationships with RBC Commercial & Corporate Banking, who offer banking solutions and financial services for their business or the companies they manage. We serve a critical role by coordinating these services into your greater wealth strategy, executing it efficiently and with maximum impact.

In some cases, our clients are looking for introductions to improve their current banking arrangements. We routinely provide guidance on the best way to bring these partners to the table.

Backed by the strength of RBC


The firm behind us is recognized as among the finest in the world. We’re proud of our affiliation with the Royal Bank of Canada as it provides us, and by extension, our clients, access to the leading resources, technology, and experts in the industry.

“Michael and his network, both internal and external to RBC, have been a one-stop shop for me across all my personal and business needs.”


We create value beyond traditional wealth management in ways our clients – business owners, entrepreneurs, and highly-affluent families – aren’t expecting.

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