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In recent history, three periods mattered most in the markets: 2008, 2018, and 2020. How a money manager reacted to those moments outlines 1) how they think and 2) how they manage risk.

How we think


After co-founding a multi-strategy, macro hedge fund shortly before 2008, Michael Yhip successfully steered his clients through the Great Recession. He was awarded a Morningstar Canadian Investment Award for the positive investment performance he delivered over those years and is one of only a handful of advisors with the accolade in the country.

Agility is a competitive advantage
As a discretionary portfolio manager, our team can take advantage of market opportunities and quickly act on market information while allowing our clients to focus on their other priorities.
Thought should precede action
Buying or selling an investment position itself doesn’t add much value: expertise, discipline, instinct, and decades of institutional financial experience do.
Capital protection is critical
We focus on protecting for the downside and mitigating unnecessary risk, which allows us to go on the offensive when investments are most attractively priced.

How we manage risk

Long-term wealth creation

An investment portfolio untied from a plan lacks direction. By identifying where our clients want to go and when they want to get there, we can determine the required return and appropriate risk.

Alternative investments

Due to the underlying complexity, not every professional can employ alternative investment strategies. Our team has extensive experience investing in alternatives for diversification and uncorrelated returns.

Risk-adjusted, tax-smart returns

With each investment decision, we seek higher levels of return at lower levels of risk. At the same time, ensuring every portfolio is structured in a tax-efficient manner.

Holistic risk management

Risk isn’t specific to investment portfolios. For many of our clients, risk is concentrated in their business, company stock options, real estate, or other illiquid assets.

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We create value beyond traditional wealth management in ways our clients – business owners, entrepreneurs, and highly-affluent families – aren’t expecting.

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