Choosing a financial professional is never an easy decision. Many factors should be considered when selecting a team that will help you build, protect and pass on your hard-earned wealth. Chabot Wealth Management takes a defined approach to building a trusted relationship that you can depend upon for years to come.

Getting to Know You

Developing a trusting relationship with our Wealth Management team and sharing a common investment philosophy is key to your success. Together we will discuss your goals, investment objectives, income needs, tax issues, will and estate concerns and visions for your future. Where do you want to be and what are your family wishes?

Structuring a Customized Wealth Plan

Our wealth management approach, considers many factors that will help guide your customized wealth plan.

Implementing Strategies & Solutions

Getting to know you and structuring a customized wealth plan assists us in developing an investment policy statement which will outline your risk tolerance and the types of investments that you will hold. We will then implement customized investment solutions tailored to your cash flow requirements, all while being mindful of your tax situation. This may require co-ordinating meetings with our extended team of specialists, or further work with your accountant and/or lawyer.

Monitoring & Updating

Clients of Chabot Wealth Management receive a superior client service experience. Along with regular reviews of your portfolio and wealth plan, we will proactively contact you should the need arise to discuss any investment or planning issues. We will work with the existing professionals you already trust, such as your accountant or family lawyer, to ensure your advisors can each provide you with the best advice possible.

We pride ourselves on client education. Frequently we hold seminars to increase our clients' knowledge in areas such as tax and estate planning, current market and economic conditions, rightsizing your home, women and wealth, and other topics of client interest.