Working with Not-For-Profits


What we do.

RBC has a dominant presence in working with not for profit organizations across Canada.  RBC has market leading offerings in many of its stand-alone platforms, and when these offerings are combined we are able to deliver a powerful solution for your organization. 


How we are different.

In particular, RBC has a dominant role in the Canadian market in both commercial banking and investment management.  This means that the bank is able to reinvest in these platforms at a high level, allowing us to deliver industry leading products and services to our not for profit clients.

You will find that our commercial banking offering is staffed by a team of experienced professionals.  Your organization will have access to a dedicated point of contact, supported by a strong team of specialists in their areas of focus.  This helps your organization to streamline its operations, freeing up your staff’s time to perform more efficiently, and ultimately reducing your organization’s costs.  It’s about helping you and your team be more efficient at what they do best, while improving your banking efficiencies.

RBC’s investment platform is diverse, tapping into the deep pool of our firm’s resources, as well as accessing top institutional asset managers from around the world.  We are able to offer our non-profit clients sophisticated solutions for optimizing returns, while mitigating risk.  Our scale gives us considerable pricing leverage that we pass on to our clients, bringing you excellent value for the dollars spent.  We work with finance committees to provide them access to our vast network and resources, allowing them to focus their valuable time on more pressing issues for your organization.

RBC Foundation supports the strengthening of communities in which our firm operates.  Many of our staff at all levels give back in a number of ways, whether in time, or through gifts, or monetary donations.  RBC Foundation is the means by which the corporate arm of the bank reinvests in the communities that have enabled us to be successful.

There are many ways in which RBC is active in the not for profit sector.  Through our commercial banking and investment management platforms we deliver a powerful combined solution to help our not for profit clients, and the bank gives back to the community through RBC Foundation.


Why choose us?

A coordinated approach - Many not for profit organizations will use one firm for banking, while using one or two other firms for investment management.  A coordinated approach means that your banking and investment teams work together.  A coordinated team increases your efficiencies and allows both sides to communicate, bringing more opportunities to the table for your organization.

Banking efficiencies – Many banking systems are outdated, for example; using cheques and manual reconciliations.  Updated systems streamline your banking, reducing time and errors, increasing staff efficiencies, allowing your people to focus on tasks that are a better use of their time.

Leveraging investment capabilities – Not for profit organizations may use one or more investment managers, requiring manager searches, due diligence, objective oversight, and cost analyses on their managers, all of which is time consuming and costly.  Through one point of contact we provide access to a world of screened, top ranked investment managers, strategies, and guaranteed investments.  In working with finance committees we are able to provide them with objective insights, while also enabling them to leverage our investment capabilities, ultimately allowing the members of the committee to make best use of their valuable time.

And more…  These are just some of the reasons why we believe you would want to choose us.  There are many, many more.  We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to learn about your organization, and how we might be able to help you.


Please contact us to learn more.

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