Many Canadians enjoy owning a home in the U.S., but not everyone understands how this can expose them to U.S. estate tax. This article is a must read to ensure you understand the exposure, and ideas on how to minimize it.


US persons living in Canada have tax obligations to Uncle Sam.  US persons should also be mindful of keeping the holdings in their investment portfolios compliant with US tax law. 


Moving from Canada to another country can be exciting, but be sure to consider these topics to ensure a smooth transition on leaving Canada.


Moving from Canada to the US brings new opportunities, but US tax law is complicated, and it is important to ensure you leave one jurisdiction and enter the other with minimal exposure.


Moving to Canada seems like it should be a simple process, and it can be once you have considered these key points.


US estate, gifting and generation skipping transfer tax (GSTT) is an article intended for US and non-US persons living in Canada.  This is a must read if you own property in the US.


Ownership of Canadian property by US persons living in Canada.  It’s important to understand your US tax exposure in this situation, and potential strategies to minimize it.