Our Philosophy

"We are committed to providing you with the sincerity and integrity that you deserve. Our goal is to bring both the financial and family aspects of your life together to ensure your ultimate success."

Clients always come first.

In addition to the regular and continuous portfolio monitoring and advice provided by out team, the Simpson Wealth Management Group will also work directly with RBC's Wealth Planning experts as well as your individual advisors including: bankers, family accountants and lawyers to ensure your financial strategy is all encompassing to ensure your ultimate success. 

As part of our advisory process, our team monitors your portfolio to ensure that you are on target.  Ongoing investment decisions are guided by your designed investment strategy, which ultimately assists with the impact of day to day market volatility.

A disciplined investment philosophy.

A well written and defined approach assists you to ensure your financial success.  An investment philosophy at the Simpson Wealth Management Group lives by is to protect clients' assets while delivering long-term growth. A key element of our Client Commitment is rigorous adherence to a disciplined investment philosophy. Relying on a proven approach to investment success, we:

  • Build portfolios that minimize investment volatility while maximizing long-term performance.
  • Help you to establish your optimal and appropriate asset allocation.
  • Design an appropriate investment mix to provide you and your family with the optimal return for the level of volatility that you are willing to accept.

A comprehensive financial strategy.

Our approach to guilding clients through all of their various life stages includes:

Step One: Determine your personal investment objectives, expectations and timelines.

Step Two: Develop your investment and wealth management strategies.

Step Three: Construct and implement your customized portfolio

Step Four: Monitor and report on your performance to track and ensure your success

Step Five: Periodically review your Strategies to ensure they reflect you wants and desires

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