Legacy Planning

Making the most of your family’s charitable legacy.

Build your legacy with charitable giving.
The federal government has introduced several new tax incentives in recent years to encourage charitable giving by Canadians, including the elimination of capital gains tax when you donate publicly listed securities to qualified charities. Not only do you receive a tax break, but you also have an opportunity to give more to your favorite charity.

Charitable foundations.
Another potentially tax-effective charitable giving strategy is setting up your own foundation. A private foundation gives you a high level of control and flexibility with respect to charitable giving, and can help you create an enduring charitable legacy. You can make donations to your own foundation, and receive a donation tax receipt like any other donation. In addition, the capital gains tax triggered on the donation of in-kind publicly listed securities to a private foundation is eliminated.

Leaving our mark.
The Simpson Wealth Management Group is proud to work with a number of institutions to assist with charitable giving. Our involvement stems from our strong desire to help individuals, groups, and organizations in need. Directing our expertise towards charitable giving initiatives is a way for us to leave a lasting legacy. This is something that is extremely important to us.

Primary institution clientele include:

  • University of Calgary
  • Mount Royal University
  • University of Saskatchewan
  • Calgary Zoo
  • Calgary Stampede
  • Heritage Park Board

For more information, discover our Charitable Giving Guidebook,
or, please contact us.