Family Wealth Management 

Simplify your complex financial affairs.

10 strategies to build and protect your family's wealth.
When you are responsible for $1 million or more in assets, there are some unique financial planning issues and strategies that you should consider. In our Family Wealth Management Guide, we highlight 10 strategies to help you protect your assets, reduce taxes, plan for retirement and maximize your legacy.

The Family Wealth Management guide covers topics such as:

  • Managing your higher tax burden
  • Reducing additional risks such as lawsuits
  • Minimizing taxes when passing on family assets
  • Teaching financial responsibility to younger family members

Addressing the financial education gap.

RBC Wealth Management and the Simpson Wealth Management Group are taking proactive steps to strengthen our focus on younger generations, helping to ensure they have the resources and tools needed to be confident and capable as they gain financial independence and as many become receivers of wealth. RBC has been a long-time advocate of financial literacy for all of our clients and their families, regardless of age. At the same time, we recognize the heightened importance of building financial literacy among children, youth and young adults to set the stage for informed financial decision-making and strong financial management skills.

Discover the RBC Wealth Management Financial Literacy Program, a comprehensive, 20 module learning platform designed to help introduce individuals of age 16 and older to the world of finance, helping them develop the knowledge and skills needed to manage both the growth and preservation of their own financial resources. The Simpson Wealth Management Group wants to better shape the financial futures of our youth.

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