Our Relationship: A relationship with Forster Wealth Management begins with a conversation. 

We ask about our clients goals and help evaluate them. We analyze each clients financial profile, lifestyle objectives and attitude toward risk, and then develop a suitable wealth management plan.

We will look at all those areas you'll need to prepare for - your children's future, your retirement, your estate and wealth transfer needs, your business succession plan, and insurance. But planning doesn't end there. It's also about progress - monitoring it and building upon it - so that your financial strategy continues to work toward the goals you've set.

To execute the plan, we leverage the intellectual capital of our team and the network of RBC Wealth Management. We offer strategic and tactical asset allocation and provide a range of investment solutions including, but not limited to, cash, fixed income, equities and alternative investments. Through it all, we offer attentive service and personal counsel. And as our clients goals change, we can adjust their wealth management plan accordingly.

Our Approach: Strategic and disciplined portfolio management.

Camerons disciplined approach to portfolio management has several key benefits:

  • A business-like approach to a task that is too often emotionally driven
  • Prompt attention to developments within the portfolio  
  • Adapting the portfolio to a changing economic and market environment
  • Ensuring the portfolio always owns quality companies that meet high standards
  • Placing emphasis on portfolio structure - and not just on the individual companies within    

Our Services: Planning is the key to balancing personal and business life.

We offer our clients complete wealth management services, the fees for which are included in the portfolio investment management fee (or commission).

  • Financial Planning;
  • Will and Estate Planning;
  • High Net Worth and Tax Planning;
  • Trust Planning;
  • Risk Management;
  • Insurance Solutions; and
  • Charitable Giving.

Cameron Forster

Cameron Forster, FMA

Senior Portfolio Manager & Wealth Advisor