Insufficient planning is often the biggest obstacle to reaching your destination

Imagine if you were on a plane destined for a tropical paradise. You disembark, only to find that you have been flown to a barren wasteland. How did this happen?

Bad map? Poor navigation? Unskilled pilot?

Without a doubt, financial planning is the most important thing we do at RBC Dominion Securities. Without a map and clear direction, you won't arrive at your destination as quickly and effectively as you want to. In fact, some may not get there at all.

A good financial plan is more than the sum of it's parts

Your financial picture is made up of many different components. The key is ensuring that all pieces are aligned.

Warren takes a holistic view, understands every part of your personal situation and brings each issue into the mix.

We'll give you direction – a tailor-made, on-the-money plan that incorporates expert advice from all fields, and a full spectrum of financial instruments and investment management tools. We'll put it all together to make sure you achieve your goals, whatever they may be.

What are your goals?

We help our clients reach their goals by considering all of their important questions and integrating the solutions into their plans. Here are some of the more common concerns our clients have:

Will & Estate Planning

  • What do I want my will to accomplish?

  • What's the best way to transition my wealth to the next generation?

  • How much tax will be due upon my death and how will my heirs pay the bill?

  • How do I protect my heirs from potential problems?

Tax Planning

  • How do I reduce my family's tax burden?

  • What is the best way to derive maximum income after tax?

  • How do I reduce taxes through my operating company?

  • Can I reduce taxes by restructuring debt?

  • How do I reduce the US estate tax with a non-recourse mortgage?

  • How can I maximize my charitable gift?

  • How do I create an individual pension plan?

  • What are the right pension decisions when leaving my employer?

Retirement Planning

  • What is a reasonable and attainable objective?

  • What lifestyle do I want in retirement, and how much will it cost?

  • How do I measure my progress to make sure I'm on track?

  • How much risk should I take?

  • At what rate can I expect my money to grow?

Business Transition and Succession Planning

  • How can I avoid being in business with my partner's spouse should my partner pass away?

  • How do I let my son take over the farm, yet treat all my children fairly upon my demise?

Tell us about your plan, what you feel is missing and how we might help to ensure you achieve your goals.

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