What is guiding your investment decisions? Reason or emotion?

While it is not uncommon to manage your assets independently early on, many individuals discover that as their families and businesses grow, they are not able to make the necessary time commitment due to life's demands. Because their focus is only part-time, they may make decisions that are poorly timed or based on emotion rather than reason.

As shocking as it may seem, many people get the most rudimentary and fundamental elements of portfolio management wrong.

A study by Dalbar, a Boston-based research firm, shows that investors who chase after hot-performing funds earn less than inflation after all is said and done.

"Motivated by fear and greed, investors pour money into (stock) funds on market upswings and are quick to sell on downswings," says Anne Hacket, spokesperson for Dalbar. "Most investors are unable to profitably time the market and are left with returns lower than inflation. "

Why wouldn't you seek the help of a professional investment advisor?

There are many reasons why investors avoid enlisting professional help to manage their portfolios:

It is too costly and time-consuming to change.

In many cases, we can rebalance, improve and transition your portfolio, and give you a fresh start with a clean sheet of paper - without incurring any transaction costs.

It's hard to take losses and conclude that we made a mistake.

Keep in mind that quite often investors seek the help of professional advisors because they have made choices that have not been in their best interests. It's not our job to judge, but rather to help you move forward with strategic steps that make sense for you and take you where you want to go.

We chose the wrong advisor. It's probably too late to do anything now.

Many investors feel that they can't switch advisors, even if the course has clearly been wrong and rife with one bad investment after another. We can make the transition easy. We will suggest a new strategy and evaluate your existing investments to determine if they fit within it.

"No matter how many steps you've traveled down the wrong road, turn back." Turkish proverb

I don't like the idea of someone else managing my money. I like to be involved in all decisions related to my money - even the day-to-day ones.

Our investors can be as involved as they want to be. The most important thing to many investors is having control over their assets and portfolio management. After all, it is your money.

We can incorporate your ideas and existing securities into your portfolio. We will leave each decision in your hands and work with you to offer direction and ideas, and be your partner in success.

I'm out of the country or unavailable for much of the year and can't be involved. I just want my money professionally taken care of.

You can set the strategy and big picture elements, but remove yourself from the day-to-day details. We will lay the foundation and then give you access to the world's most elite money managers to handle the daily task of managing your wealth.

If you're an investor who wants maximum after-tax rates of return but you're concerned about risk, we can create a custom portfolio designed to control risk, minimizing its impact on your emotions and maximizing net returns.

If you want to AVOID ALL RISK, but you still want the best rates of interest, we offer the largest fixed income desk in Canada, ultra-competitive GIC rates and we can multiply your Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation coverage by up to 35 times -allowing you to keep $3.5MM in GICs, all guaranteed, all in one place. We also offer product backed by provincial guarantees - giving you unlimited ability to keep your money safe.

If you're ready for professional wealth management, we can help you get your portfolio where you want it to be - and you can have as much control as you want.

"Tell us about your investment strategy and which parts of it you'd like to see improved.

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