Steve Osachoff Wealth Management is a group of disciplined and dedicated financial professionals who will work with you to reduce the complex into simple and tangible actions. My wealth management philosophy can be distilled to three main elements:

First Person Money Management

There are many ways to invest. These days it is very common to see portfolios full of mutual funds, ETFs, and pooled products. Outsourcing investment decisions to third parties is an easy way to manage money but it disconnects the Portfolio Manager from the portfolio. Advisors can lose their real-time connection to the investments while adding third party management fees.

I believe investment decisions should begin and end with the Portfolio Manager. I build portfolios by buying shares in companies directly, this means our investors actually own shares in companies and not units in a pool or fund. This reduces fees and it makes it possible for us to customize portfolios around specific timelines, events and ethics. Most importantly, this means you are always talking to the person behind each investment and each trade.

There Are No Shortcuts to Any Place Worth Going

Our Investment philosophy is to focus on quality and income. It may seem straight forward but few investors have the discipline to maintain this strategy over time. I am not a maverick chasing quick returns, my goal is to build stable, dividend paying portfolios that grow with a reasonable amount of volatility. In the 40+ year history of our team, this strategy has proven to be timeless.

Your Ultimate Rate of Return

Our first job is to manage portfolios but beyond investing there are many other things that go into increasing your Ultimate Rate of Return:

In-house: My team, along with our specialists, look at your entire financial picture. This includes wills and estates, retirement, pensions, buyouts, children, grandchildren, family members with special needs, companies, summer houses, education goals, trusts, IPPs and more. We are always looking for meaningful ways to improve the ultimate return on your life’s work.

Team Approach: Our lives are full of different professionals. Having the right private banker, commercial banker, accountant, lawyer and mortgage specialist can save you money and time. Whether it is working with your current team or helping you build a new one, we are ready to run.

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