Thank you for visiting our website.  I am very fortunate to work with an excellent team comprised of my father, Larry, brother, Dan, and associate Kendra.  We are a premier, nationally recognized team with a 40 year history in wealth management. 

Since joining Dominion Securities in 2003, I have discovered that my passion is to reduce the complex into something simple and tangible. Whether it is the ever-changing dynamics of global markets or the nuances of someone's personal finances, I am inspired by the idea that complex situations are often simple if approached correctly.  When it comes to investment management, this means filtering information to build market forecasts and trading strategies. For families, foundations, and companies, this means creating plans for retirements, estates, family wealth transfers, insurance and taxes. 

When I distill my wealth management philosophy down to just two elements, they are my belief in First Person Money Management and your Ultimate Rate of Return

First Person Money Management

There are many ways to invest.  These days it is very common to see mutual funds, ETFs, and pooled products used to manage money.  Through my mentorship with my father, I have come to believe that accountability for investment selection should begin and end with the Portfolio Manager.  In my practice, I personally design custom investment strategies using my own research and the vast resources of RBC Wealth Management.  When it comes to executing strategies, all transactions are managed in-house by us.  This means I am accountable for my performance and you are always talking to the person with the answers. 

Your Ultimate Rate of Return

Through good and bad markets, our first job is to manage portfolios but beyond investing there are many other things that are fundamental to achieving financial success.  This is what I call your Ultimate Rate of Return and it has two tiers:

Tier one is in-house and it involves my team and RBC specialists who focus on your long-term goals and estate plan.  These plans can address retirement, pension buyouts, children, grandchildren, companies, summer houses, education goals, special needs, trusts, IPPs and much more.  By looking at your big picture we might be able to find places where even a slight change could significantly improve the ultimate return on your life’s work.

Tier two is external and it brings together the right team to support your daily life.  By having the right private banker, commercial banker, accountant, lawyer and mortgage specialist, you can save money, time and inconvenience.

So while solid portfolio performance is job one, making sure your big picture is taken care of is the ultimate rate of return I believe in.

Thank You

Thank you again for visiting our site.  Please contact us if you would like more information or to discuss your financial circumstances.  For information on my investment philosophy, there is no better resource than my monthly report which is a time-stamped reflection of my thoughts and actions.  If you would like to see my monthly reports or trading summaries, please email me at: steven.osachoff@rbc.com

Thank you.



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