The Stanley Iu Wealth Management Group

Committed, Trustworthy, Experienced
Welcome to the Stanley Iu Wealth Management Group, an experienced team of investment professionals dedicated to provide highly customized wealth management solutions to our affluent and high-net-worth clients.
Our team is comprised of Stanley Iu, Rachel Mao, Joanna Xie with various cultural background, language skills, industry experience, and integrity necessary to serve clients both domestically and around the world.
We also work closely with other RBC professionals, so you will have full access to a wide range of other banking services, such as international banking, trust solutions and credits.
Our team members are dedicated wealth management specialists who value your business and will devote time and everything to fully understand your financial situation, life goals and tolerance of risk when outlining a wealth management strategy that is right for you.
Our Philosophy
  • We are committed to provide  the best services to help you achieve your financial goals.
  • We are trustworthy that we help building your portfolio from the ground up based on your growth requirements, income needs and risk tolerance.
  • We are experienced that we use our best knowledge to guide you to the success of sustainable wealth management plans. 

Important notices