Private Investment Management (PIM) is RBC Dominion Securities' premium level of discretionary wealth management for high-net-worth clients and the largest program of its kind in Canada. PIM offers you a completely customized portfolio, designed for you by our investment team. Your individual portfolio is built from the group up based on factors such as your growth requirements, income needs and risk tolerance. Only a select group of Investment Advisors are able to offer portfolio management services through Private Investment Management.

The Right Asset Mix For Your Life Stage
We can adjust your asset allocation as you progress through your life stages. The balance between the asset classes will vary, depending on changing market conditions and your personal risk tolerance.
Your Portfolio Management Decision
Based on your ideal asset-allocation model, we will select an appropriate combination of investments for your portfolio. In selecting your investments, we combine an understanding of the "big picture" --- overall global economic and market trends --- with fundamental research of individual investment opportunities. Senior economists, portfolio strategists and research analysts from various parts of RBC Financial Group augment our insights in these key areas.

When making investment decisions, we are supported by a formidable array of resources:

  • RBC Investment Strategy Committee
  • RBC Capital Markets Research Department
  • RBC Investments Portfolio Advisory Group
  • RBC Investments Fixed Income Advisory Group

Options Strategies Investing in a Directionless Market

Directionless markets tend to last about 1.5x as long as prior bull markets, where the S&P in the last 129 years has been in a bull market for 56 years and a directionless market for 73 years. We incorporate different options strategies into portfolio management, and the purpose is to increase potential investment returns and hedge the downside risks.

  • Covered Call Strategy
    • Tend to outperform in the directionless markets
    • Almost always increase risk-adjusted returns of the portfolio
    • Target 3-6 month range to take advantage of rapid time decay and target 5-10% upside and minimum 2-3% flat return
  • Protective Puts (Portfolio Insurance)
    • Buy a downside protection when holding the underlying
    • Time to buy insurance is when you don't think you need it
Commodity Futures Trading Service

We offer access to all financial and commodity futures exchanges globally. We also provide timely, efficient trade execution services so that you can get the best prices available on the full range of futures and options, including:

  • Financial: Stock Indices, Currencies, Bonds, Interest Rates
  • Energy: Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Heating Oil, Gasoline
  • Metals: Gold, Silver, Platinum, Copper, Aluminum
  • Agriculture: Soybeans, Corn, Wheat, Oats, Canola, Coffee, Cocoa