Somerville Wealth Management typically accepts new clients on a referral basis only, from a network of accountants, lawyers, and other professionals as well as existing clients.

Clients of ours include (but are not limited to):
  • Individuals and corporations (subject to a minimum account size)

  • People who share our investment philosophy

  • People who want to delegate the day-to-day investment decisions to professionals but still like to be educated about investments.

  • Seniors who recently lost their key financial decision maker and desire some formal assistance in the administration of their wealth.

  • Well-established families seeking professional guidance transferring wealth to the next generation in a tax-efficient manner.

  • Business owners and Entrepreneurs who need help managing their personal and business assets. We are experts on tax planning strategies and investments for Holding Companies and we are thoroughly familiar with challenges facing business owners today. We've built partnerships with a number of business accountants and lawyers in southwestern Ontario to ensure our advice to you is complete and accurate.

  • Pre-retirees who want to make the most of retirement savings as they approach retirement. We specialize in providing peace of mind to those who are five years or less away from retirement. This time frame for planning is critical and we are comprehensive in developing a plan to get you there.

  • Retired individuals looking to create a conservative income stream in today’s low rate environment.