The Wealth Optimization System is critical to our client relationships, as it is not appropriate, or even possible, to discuss strategies, tactics and tools until we discuss everything above the planning horizon line. The goal is to achieve clarity of purpose for you as the client and us as your advisory team. This is where the real progress happens, and where we are really able to make a difference in our clients' lives. This is where we look at what really matters to you and why it's important. The end result is that we are able to confidently deliver on our promise to put your vision for the future above all else, and design and execute a plan to help you achieve that vision. 


Step 1 - Initial discovery meeting

  • Identify your Vision, Values and Goals

  • Provide an overview of the wealth management services that we provide and determine if they are a comfortable fit for both of us

  • Decide if there is agreement to engage in the next step

Step 2 - Review and recommendation meeting

  • Confirm commitment to your goals

  • Review current strategies

  • Review recommended strategies

  • Decide if there is agreement to engage in the next step

Step 3 - Implementation Meeting

  • Confirm commitment to implement

  • Create advisor/client relationship

  • Implement recommend strategies

  • Identify appropriate wealth management services and make introductions to partners

  • Agree to contact your other advisors (accountant, lawyer, etc.)

Step 4 - Results management

  • Regular review and monitoring of strategies and results