Individual Pension Plans

Designed for business owners and incorporated professionals.

  • Defined benefit - Rgistered Pension Plan (RPP) typically for one or two members
  • Designed to maximize contributions permitted by the Income Tax Act
  • Denefit is based on T4 income, Maximimum benefit 2014 = 2% X $138,500

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Tax-Free Accounts

  • What is a Tax-Free Savings Accounts (TFSA)?
  • How can you benefit from a TFSA?
  • Who should have a TFSA?
  • How can you open a TFSA?

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Estate Planning

Why Estate Planning?

  • Over half of Canadian Adults haven't completed their last will and testament
  • 71% of Canadian Adults do not have a singed Power of Attorney
  • Survey by Vanguard stated that only 21% of clients have had a conversation with their financial advisor around Estate Planning

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Family Trusts

Guiding you through each life stage

  • Accumulating Wealth (Growing Assets)
  • Protecting Wealth (Managing Risk)
  • Converting Wealth to Income (Creating an Income Stream)
  • Transferring Wealth (Creating a Legacy)

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