Sandra has enjoyed a career in the Financial Services Industry for more than 25 years. Along the way she gained experience working in Retail Banking, Income Tax Preparation, Estate & Trust Administration, and Investment Management which culminated with her finding the ideal role as a Financial Planner and Investment Advisor over 20 years ago.

In addition to a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Simon Fraser University, Sandra earned the Certified Financial Planner designation just prior to the birth of her daughter in 1999. She met her husband of 28 years at SFU, and they both enjoy these same designations, building careers that provide great fulfillment.

Sandra often refers to herself as a ‘nerdy’ numbers girl and she certainly enjoys helping her clients feel in control of their financial life. Whether it be assisting someone getting ready to retire, helping another through the loss of a loved one, reassessing ones goals after the mortgage is paid off, or just living with the ease of not worrying about money – Sandra is there to help guide ‘her people’.

Creating a dynamic goal plan is key to going on a wild adventure, purchasing a classic car or taking the extended family to Disneyland.    What do you have on your Bucket List?     You might want to have Sandra working beside you to assure that you accomplish your goals by minimizing your income tax bill and creating an investment strategy that suits your tolerance for risk, yet ensures that you have the funds to realize your dreams.

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