Our Philosophy

Employing a highly disciplined approach to investing, the professionals at McLaughlin Capital Management create a bespoke portfolio to meet each and every client’s own unique circumstances and needs. Like a finely tailored suit, your investments need to fit you exactly, yet remain supple enough to accommodate any changes.

Comprehensive wealth management is our specialty, and many of our family relationships span three generations. Family wealth management goals are guided by a tailored Investment Policy Statement which clarifies every component of a prudent investor’s approach to meeting their long-term financial objectives and goals. Driven by those mandates, we invest along the asset class spectrum to achieve superior results and to manage risks.

We are passionate about how strategy, planning, wealth, and savings allow our clients to accomplish their goals, both large and small, near-term and long into the future. We want our clients to live better financial lives, free from short-term market panic and long-term legacy concerns.

Our Approach

Extraordinary service

McLaughlin Capital Management goes beyond investment management or financial planning. We provide an integrated service that benefits our clients at a deep, intensely useful and responsive way.

Focus on the long-term

We provide our clients with the confidence they need to make sound financial decisions by providing a clear roadmap for their future addressing all aspects of their financial situation. We strive to focus beyond the next five years and out to the next generation. At every point, we are aided by a team of professional, on-staff advisors with a variety of specialties in the legal, financial planning, investment selection, insurance, and estate fields.

Gold standard solutions

Our investment philosophy stresses no single theme. We are agnostic to both style and mechanism in investing, taking instead a "best in class" philosophy where we evaluate each investment on its merits and build portfolios in a customized manner to match individual client timelines, goals, and personal comfort levels.

We believe in companies that outperform their peers at adding value over time through strong management, good governance, and ethical practices with vibrant markets to sell their goods into.