How We Can Help You

Helping with all of your family's needs

Our clients want to achieve financial independence, to ensure that their lifestyles are covered and that their families will be secure through whatever the ‘markets’ bring, and whatever outside changes take place in their lives. With families who have achieved a level of wealth that provides for their daily needs, the horizon grows to include not just the legacy that they will leave, but the world that they live in, and specialized advice around multi-generational wealth education, the emotional and behavioural aspects of wealth, charitable giving and philanthropy in general, risk management, and long-term stewardship often take the forefront.

Helping to build your future

High performing portfolios are none-the-less aimless without a plan that encompasses a client’s needs, resources, and timelines. Solid investment strategies and strong portfolio returns give clients the confidence that they will meet the goals identified in their financial planning with the lowest risk for their return. Continuous review of both a client’s planning and the tools being used to realize their goals provides the best experience in the long run.

Working with others you trust to help

Coordinating with a client’s other advisors—and connecting clients with the best advisors for their needs—means that all of their professionals are on the same page concerning their overall needs.

Freeing up time to live your life

McLaughlin Capital Management offers a premium level of discretionary portfolio management designed to free you from the day-to-day details of managing your wealth. This gives you the confidence to pursue your goals, knowing your investments will be managed according to the highest standards. Portfolios are built from the ground up within specific guidelines established in your Investment Policy Statement in advance and are accountable to these guidelines. Because your approval is not required for every single transaction, we are able to take advantage of investment opportunities quickly and efficiently.


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