Estate planning - a quick reminder

Aug 01, 2018 | Sam McLaughlin


Wills and estate planning are vitally important; not letting your wishes be known can have both personal and financial consequences.

Aveeve and I are redoing our own wills right now—Leila’s arrival has us thinking about new things and paying closer attention to the planning needed to protect our family in the future.


And—like the cobbler’s children—we hadn’t actually done our wills since before we were married. In looking through some of my own resources on estate planning, I came across this very good, very quick, “Estate planning health check questionnaire” from RBC Wealth Management.


Twelve quick questions will give you a good idea of how on-track you are with your estate planning. A must-read if you haven’t updated your will in a while, or if you’re getting around to doing your wills soon.

Find it here:


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