A plan for your priorities

Getting the right investment advice is a key part of managing wealth. But it's just one part of a bigger picture.

That's why you deserve a coordinated wealth management strategy that helps to address the financial concerns at each stage of life, such as:

  • Growing assets for future goals like retirement
  • Maintaining assets to protect financial well-being
  • Creating an income stream for retirement
  • Creating a lasting legacy

Our Extended Wealth Management Specialists Team

We provide access to our extended team of specialists who are expert in many areas of Wealth Management Services including Will & Estate Planning, Financial Planning, Business Owner Planning, Trust & Estate Planning, Philanthropic Planning and Private Banking. 

In addition, we provide access to our extended network of professionals such as lawyers and accountants to help ensure that the various issues related to the management of your wealth are properly addressed. Where you have existing relationships with professionals in these areas, we would be pleased to work together your professionals to coordinate our efforts on your behalf.

Will and Estate Planning


Grace Lai, BA, LL.B

Will & Estate Consultant, RBC Family Office Services

Financial Planning


Eugene Dautzenberg, CPA, CA, CFP

Financial Planning Specialist, RBC Family Office Services


Yat-Sze Lo, CPA, CA, CFP

Vice President and Financial Planning Specialist, RBC Wealth Management

Business Owner Planning


Darren Bank, CPA, CA, TEP

Vice President, Business Owner Specialist, RBC Family Office Services


Zora Booker, CPA, CGA, MBA, TEP

Vice President, Business Owner Specialist, RBC Family Office Services

Estate Planning Specialist


Matthew J. Leggett, CFP®, CLU, CHS

Estate Planning Specialist, RBC Wealth Management Financial Services Inc.

Estate and Trust Services


Catharine Turner, CFP®, FMA, TEP

Senior Trust Advisor, RBC Royal Trust


Patrick (Rick) Montens, TEP

Will and Estate Advisor, RBC Royal Trust

Premier Banking


Min Hui Pak

Premier Banking Advisor, RBC Royal Bank