We are dedicated to preserving capital and following a balanced portfolio strategy, bolstered by our commitment to superior service in a comfortable, professional atmosphere.

Together, the team is responsible for account administration, updating and monitoring client accounts, preparing portfolio reports, communicating with head office, assisting in client tax preparation, attending to account transactions and facilitating any general client requests. Each member strives to ensure that clients receive an exceptional level of personalized service that consistently exceeds their expectations.

Find out more about our core team and partners below.

Russell MacKay, LL.B (Hons), CIM, FEA

Senior Portfolio Manager & Wealth Advisor


Nadia Erickson, FMA

Associate Advisor


Extended Wealth Management Team


Our team is supported by specialists who are experts in areas of accounting, tax, legal, estate, and trusts planning.  We provide access to meet with these specialists and their bios can be found in our Extended Team page.  Click here to learn more


Our RBC Banking Partners

Russell works closely with a select few Banking Partners to ensure his clients have the best access to Private Banking, Commercial Banking, Mortgage Specialists and day-to-day Banking Services.