Saving Taxes on Investment Income

April 01, 2019 |Melissa Clark & Mark Roundell

It’s that time of year when we are all thinking about taxes. There are three forms of investment income in Canada: interest, dividends and capital gains. Each type of income taxed differently. It's important to understand the difference.

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Protecting Your Family with Critical Illness Insurance

March 28, 2018 |Melissa Clark & Mark Roundell

A life-threatening disease or disorder can dramatically change the quality of life you and your family enjoy today. The tax-free benefit of a critical illness policy will help you return to the quality of life you expect and deserve.

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Passive Investment Income in a Private Corporation

March 28, 2018 |Jenna Roundell

Update for business owners on how federal budget 2018 changes the rules on passive investment income in a private corporation.

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