Private Investment Management is RBC Dominion Securities’ premium level of discretionary wealth management and you can be confident that your portfolio will be managed according to the highest standards.


The Framework for Success


1. Create your investment policy: Understanding investment needs and risk objectives results in drafting the Investment Policy Statement – the guide for making day-to-day decisions.


2. Construct your portfolio: Based on asset allocation, careful selection of appropriate combination of investments to position for global economic and market trends.


3. Manage your portfolio: Implementing appropriate adjustments to respond to and anticipate changes in economic and market conditions.


4. Review and monitor your portfolio: Portfolio is monitored regularly by firm’s Portfolio Implementation and Risk Monitoring Group to ensure portfolio is managed according to the Investment Policy Statement.


5. Adjust your investment strategy: Meet and review of portfolio on regular basis and update on personal and financial situation - changes need to be reflect in Investment Policy Statement and portfolio.


6. Keep you informed of your progress: Regular account statements detailing the activity in portfolio.