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As an Investment & Wealth Advisor at RBC Dominion Securities, I provide comprehensive wealth management for business owners, executives and professionals. My knowledgeable team and I clarify individual needs, establish specific goals and bring together the solutions to meet the set goals.
Experience has instilled in me 5 beliefs that my clients find beneficial:
1.   I believe that time is the most valuable commodity of all.

By working with my team and me, my clients can focus on either their profession or retirement.  The manpower working for my clients is second to none.

 2.   I believe that clients deserve a caring barrier.

Caring for clients is not good enough in todays environment. My clients deserve to have someone who has their best interest in mind and protects them during market difficulties. The highest standards of due diligence and continuous portfolio monitoring are part of the process.

3.   I believe in simplified, complete wealth management.

Today, wealth management can be more complicated and confusing than it needs to be. By earning the title of Investment & Wealth Advisor at Canadas most reputable Wealth Management firm, my clients can be assured that I will strive to simplify their wealth management experience.

4.   I believe in utilizing equity to build wealth.

What stands true for real estate should be applied to investment portfolios. The appropriate equity selection in combination with dividends and compounding growth builds wealth and adds to diversification.

5.   I believe in giving clients access to the world.

Canada represents only a very small fraction of the worlds economy. Economies, companies and clients are global. By providing guidance based on the expert advice our firm prides itself on, we diversify by country and sector based on the clients risk parameters.