Oliver and Team offer a no-obligation complimentary 2nd opinion service to the public to help investors with their portfolios.

We use a 4 step process

  • We listen to you, to understand your financial goals and determine your unique situation
  • We create a blueprint using factors such as, age and risk tolerance
  • We analyze your current investments
  • We compare your investments to the blueprint and determine if there are any changes recommended, or if youre right on track.

It is a risk free way to have a Certified Financial Planner use his knowledge and expertise to ensure your portfolio is meeting your financial goals. And of course there is no cost associated with our service.

Questions Investors ask:

  1. Our we taking more risk than we need to be to reach our goals?
  2. Could we be doing better?
  3. Are we missing any new opportunities?
  4. Do we have access to the expertise we need?
  5. Will our portfolio last as long as we need it to?

Will it be there for the next generation?

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If youd like to take advantage of our service, please call or email Susan @ 250-248-2104 or susan.rowe@rbc.com