Range of Stock Market Returns - Short Term vs Longer Term

Jan 08, 2019 |Nick Hamilton
With the ongoing market volatility, I wanted to share some perspective on stock returns. Please see the attached chart from JP Morgan. Short term, the behavior of stocks can sometimes be viewed as erratic, with a wide range of return outcomes over shorter...
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Favouring Global Investments

Jul 25, 2018 |Nick Hamilton

Even our own Canadian Pension Plan (CPP) has moved to favor Global equities more recently which is a sizable shift from 10 years ago (reducing their Canadian equity exposure from 23.5% to 3.7% more recently).

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Graph of market changes

Annual Stock Market Returns and Intra-year Declines

Feb 16, 2018 |Nick Hamilton

The key observation being that these oscillations​​​​​​​ and volatility are normal for stocks and must be tolerated in order to benefit from the long term growth they can provide within your portfolio.

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Dividend Growth Investing

Sep 15, 2016 |Nick Hamilton

If we consider the tailwinds from demographics and the current yield environment for investments, the Dividend trade could remain in vogue for years to come

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