Market Comments:

December 04, 2023 |Nick Hamilton
Over the past 20 months, the proverbial ‘boogie man’ has most certainly been inflation and the interest rate increases which have totaled 5.25% over the same period. This, in addition to the Russia/Ukraine Conflict, also added to negative sentiment. Most...
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Strong Household Savings = A Strong Consumer

August 12, 2021 |Nick Hamilton
One of the metrics I have followed in the last number of months has been the household savings rate in the US and Canada. Since the onset on the pandemic, this metric has somewhat been turned on its head as governments have provided massive stimulus and...
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Range of Stock Market Returns - Short Term vs Longer Term

January 09, 2019 |Nick Hamilton
With the ongoing market volatility, I wanted to share some perspective on stock returns. Please see the attached chart from JP Morgan. Short term, the behavior of stocks can sometimes be viewed as erratic, with a wide range of return outcomes over shorter...
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