A Christmas wish

Dec 21, 2020 | Nick Foglietta


Blessings to your families.

What Do I Wish For Christmas?

Sitting on our back deck on a sunny afternoon, in late March, I remember wondering what Christmas 2020 would look like…not sure I pictured this.

Back then, the lockdown was in full force.

Financial mayhem was everywhere to be seen.

It was a scary time for everyone and nobody knew what was coming next.

The world had pulled together against a common enemy in “the virus” during those days.

We were a team.

Remember how we kept our “bubbles” small? How nothing was open, so you weren’t missing anything anyway? And how we’d bang our pots and pans at 7 p.m., as a salute to our frontline workers?

Our neighbourhood streets filled with walkers and joggers, who’d often stop for a socially distanced chat with people they hardly knew, some meeting their neighbours for the first time.

Being on a team is a powerful thing.

Tight knit teams can beat more talented teams that are all about themselves in any sport, but a group of people putting on the same jersey doesn’t make a team.

What makes a team is a group of people willing to sacrifice themselves for their teammates to achieve a common goal.

As controversial as the lockdowns were from so many perspectives, the world had it right and we were a global team fighting a common enemy in the virus back in March.

So here we are in December 2020, and the world looks nothing like I imagined sitting on my back deck in March; neither from the financial or human perspective.

The yearend review next week will cover the financial side, but on the human side, it is fair to say the world lost its vision of being on the same team fighting a common enemy.

How did we all get so divided? Why did we choose to fight our neighbours if they didn’t agree with our views?

By July, we were “maskers” or “anti-maskers”…or whatever else you want to use for labels.

No matter your moniker choice, it came down to we forgot the time tested truth of “united we stand, divided we fall.” It’s as though we fatigued of fighting the good fight and lost a measure of hope.

During April and May, I wrote a personal blog series that was themed around having faith.

Faith in anything does not fall out of the sky into your lap.

Faith begins by believing something is true or worth fighting for.

When we believe in something we learn more about it and cultivate it in our lives. As we learn more it grows and matures and we begin to trust it.

Over time we have faith in the things we trust and believe in.

This means that faith is an act of choice.

So my wish for Christmas 2020, is that we would choose to reunite and rejoin the same team.


The entire world looking out for each other and striving for a better future for all.

Merry Christmas to each and all of you. Blessings to your families.

Like so many of your families, our family will not all be gathered at the usual celebrations this Christmas season, in the hopes that next year we’ll be carousing together again.

These days will pass and as we all pull together we can make the future something exciting and worth looking forward to.

It starts with each of us having faith that it can happen: May Christmas 2020 surprise you and bless you in ways no other Christmas has.

See you in 2021!