Create your legacy

Intergenerational wealth management involves the generations of a family to discuss and learn about their finances – from older children up to great-grandparents. To ensure a successful and smooth transition of wealth, information needs to be shared about investments, pensions, savings, business, and property.

We know that money conversations can be sensitive, but someone needs to take the lead to ensure the family is prepared for the future.  This is where I come in.  I work closely with multiple generations of a family and take care of their unique financial needs.

My process to work with families is the following:

  1. I first learn and understand a family’s culture
  2. I develop a ‘family’ financial plan to identify and communicate family goals
  3. I preparing the next generation through financial literacy

This is accomplished in the most sensitive and delicate manner to ensure that each family sub-unit and family member’s privacy is respected.

Proper intergenerational wealth planning ensures that the transfer of your wealth is in line with your wishes, tax efficient, and preserves the quality of life you wish for your children and generations to come.