Our Wealth Management Process

At completion you will have a sound financial plan to meet your long term goals and objectives. 


    1. Introduction and Discovery

The initial meeting is an opportunity to discuss your goals, objectives, concerns and investment experience, and to learn about our wealth management process. We will gather sufficient information to prepare a draft financial plan and investment proposal for presentation at our second meeting.

    2. Proposal Meeting

During this meeting you will be provided with the following:

  • Financial Plan
  • Recommended portfolio
  • Investment Policy Statement – this document contains the policy and principles that will govern the management of your investment portfolio

Clients may choose to open accounts during this or a secondary meeting.

   3. Quarterly Review

During your quarterly review we will cover the following:

  • Market update and expectations going forward
  • Review portfolio
  • Review cash flow needs/savings
  • Review Will and Power of Attorney
  • Tax Issues
  • Other concerns you may have for discussion



Discovery Meeting