Tax Season - frequently asked questions

Do I have all my tax documents?

Each non-registered account receives a Tax Package which includes a checklist on the first page. This checklist indicates items included in this package and outstanding tax documents you may receive - T3, T5013, T5, etc.

The mailing of all other tax slips is contingent on the release of tax information by external issuers. As soon as RBC Dominion Securities receives this information, we prepare your tax slips. This information is supposed to be reported by March 31, but sometimes there are delays. 

All mutual fund tax slips are mailed to you directly from the company including RBC funds

What do I give my accountant?

Give your accountant EVERY SINGLE DOCUMENT IN THE TAX PACKAGE. They need all the information that has been provided.

Where are my tax documents?

If you are enrolled in eTax delivery, your 2022 tax documents are not being sent by mail and can be retrieved through DS Online. 

Please note that tax documents issued by a third party will be mailed directly to you and will not be available online.

How can I sign up for eTax?

You can self-enroll for eTax documents at any time. Please consult our eTax Set-Up Guide or contact one of our team members to assist you. 

  • Documents for tax years prior to 2018 are not available online
  • If you recently switched to eTax, you may receive duplicate copies of tax documents in the mail. These documents will also be available to view online. 

What is an ACB?

ACB stands for Adjusted Cost Base, also known as Book Value. 

If an investment was bought at RBC DS, this shows on our Summary of Security Dispositions/T5008.

If your investment transferred in from another firm, as we updated your ACB based on information provided by you or your statements, the book value will have a # indicating information was provided by another source. 

See our article on ACB calculation for more in-depth information. 

If you held a Brookfield Limited Partnership position, please refer to the below links to assist you and your accountant with the ACB calculation for each position:

Brookfield Business Partners:

Brookfield Property Partners:

Brookfield Infrastructure Partners: 

What about my registered accounts?

RRSP contribution receipts for deposits made March 2 - December 31, 2022 will be mailed/available online in January.

RRSP contribution receipts for deposited made in the first 60 days of 2023 will be mailed/available online weekly in February.

RRIF accounts will receive T4RIF documents indicating the income withdrawn from your RRIF, and tax withheld. T4 documents for registered accounts will be mailed/available online by the end of February.

If you have questions about the tax materials you receive from RBC Dominion Securities, please consult our Tax Reporting Guide.

Also, read about important deadlines and tax planning strategies in the article Early 2023 Tax Tips