Janzen Wealth Management Group strives to provide the best client experience, while maintaining a high level of integrity and the knowledge to be successful in this industry. Read what some our clients have to say...


"Mirjana and her team have, and continue to provide, excellent service to the MGEU. In the years we have partnered with her to provide investment services to the MGEU, she has always been readily available for calls and questions, has actively monitored our portfolio and alerted us to various investment opportunities, and has worked with us in strengthening our Bond portfolio. Her commitment and dedication to her clients is clear."


"I first had the opportunity to invest with Mirjana and her team 12 years ago as acting Business Manager/Financial Secretary of a local Union, and then again the past two years as President of a large trade organization. I also have my personal portfolio invested with Mirjana and RBC DS and since inception, my investments have exceeded the benchmark every year. The service that I receive from Mirjana and her team at RBC DS have been nothing but professional and first class. Mirjana is very knowledgeable of the investment markets, has the management skills to keep her team focused and motivated and continues to improve her own skills and is constantly upgrading her credentials."


"I have recently retired. The company I worked for offered a defined benefits package and as such it was up to each employee to develop and manage our pension portfolios. I took a severance package in 2011 and as such the company’s investment counseling benefits ended for me. I decided to work with Mirjana Janzen regarding my entire pension portfolio including my severance package, as she was highly recommended to me by a trusted work colleague. Mirjana proved to be a very competent wealth advisor AND she is easy to work with. We have regular discussions regarding my portfolio...to ensure if necessary tweaks are required in order to optimize investment appreciation over time.

The proof of Mirjana’s performance is the appreciation of my pension portfolio over time. I have discussed portfolio performance with my relatives and am happy to say that the returns from my Dominion Securities portfolio topped my relative’s plans. I also have friends that actually lost their investment funds by working with incompetent advisors.

My wife and I would highly recommend Mirjana as an investment/wealth advisor. We are very pleased with her team of professionals who are caring and focused on ensuring your success as you head toward and finally achieve retirement."


"I am a treasurer of a large Foundation and have been for a decade or more. In that capacity it is also my responsibility to manage and invest the foundations assets. Over that period of time we have used RBC Dominion securities, and in particular Mirjana, to help us with the management of our highly liquid portfolio, to seek out and secure the appropriate investments that meet our investment criteria of liquidity, security, and high-yield. The advice we have received has been excellent, the choice of investments top of class, and the execution has been seamless and flawless. We will continue to use Mirjana to manage our portfolio."


"We have been clients with Mirjana Janzen for approximately 20 years. During that span of time Mirjana has played a key role in our financial planning. Mirjana has been very instrumental in developing an investment strategy that has allowed us to achieve our financial goals. Mirjana has steered us through some tumultuous times in the financial world and we are extremely pleased with her performance.

A number of services are available through Mirjana and her RBC DS support team. The services that Mirjana has provided over the years have ranged from investment and retirement planning and taxation management. All of these services have evolved our knowledge and tools to assist us with our decision making. Mirjana is timely in presenting us with various proposals on tweaking our investments, withdrawing income and planning for the future.

The “proof of the pudding” is the performance of our financial portfolio in comparison to the market benchmarks.

Mirjana has done a superb job as a financial advisor and our plan is to continue our relationship for as long as possible."

D & S.

"We value Mirjana’s involvement in our financial lives, and would recommend her services to anyone in need of investment advice."

D & M.

"The support, advice, service and understanding is second to none. Mirjana, back before you headed out into the future to be a registered rep, you were the admin support with whom I dealt on a regular basis. It was because of you I remained a faithful client. Since then you have built your own team in your image of both sales and service, one I would recommend to anyone. They are also to be highly commended."