Mirjana Janzen

Mirjana Janzen, FMA, FCSI, TEP

Senior Portfolio Manager & Wealth Advisor

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Comprehensive Financial and Will & Estate Planning


As part of our service commitment to our clients, we offer comprehensive financial planning with Doreen Constantini and Will & Estate planning with Donald Bell and James Kopp.

Our comprehensive approach addresses your issues and concerns and helps to clarify your objectives. Your analysis will provide specific recommendations focused on your particular needs, including cash flow, tax strategies, investments, retirement, insurance and estate planning, and will ultimately assist you in maximizing your situation and achieving your goals.

These personalized reports should serve as a roadmap to help you make your future financial decisions.


Doreen Costantini, CIM

Vice-President & Financial Planning Specialist, RBC Wealth Management Canada


James Kopp, B.Comm. (Hons)

Vice-President & Estate Planning Specialist, RBC Wealth Management Financial Services Inc.