If you lack the time or interest in managing your own investments because of family or work obligation. If you prefer delegating day-to-day investment decisions to qualified team of wealth management professionals. If you want to remove the emotion and guess work out of investing. If you wish to simplify your complex financial affairs with an integrated wealth management solution accompanied with consolidated reporting, then our exclusive Unified Manged Account ("UMA")  platform is for you.

Our UMA platform will provide you the ability to access an extensive universe of carefully screened institutional managers at lower investment minimums and combine those holdings with other stocks, exchange traded funds and even mutual funds all integrated under one account for simplified reporting. The degree of customization is limited only by you. Our ongoing research and due diligence ensures that individual investment managers and their portfolio strategies remain consistent and high quality.

Investing, although on the surface may seem terribly complicated, it doesn't have to be. We focus on

* companies and managers that have a proven track record

* companies that pay high dividends and increase their dividends over time, and

* companies that experience lower levels of price fluctuations so that you don't experience sharp market swings.