Peace of Mind

Our clients value the peace of mind that comes with of having a trusted and transparent advisor as their first point of contact for all their business and personal financial affairs. They recognize that working with a single established and reputable wealth management team backed by Canada’s largest financial institution, under one roof has its benefits. Working with multiple teams means not everyone has the full financial picture, often making the delivery of sound advice challenging.


Advice Around Life Events

Our clients know to contact us each and every time they expect a major life event to take place. They understand that each life event presents challenges, but opportunities as well. It’s prior to life events that we strive to plan around. Doing so ensures we help protect, preserve and grow your estate all the while planning for tax efficient intergenerational wealth transfer.


One Phone Call

Our clients know the value of having one place to call for all their financial and wealth planning needs. Whether it's the sale of home or business, the birth of a child, a divorce, a move to/from Canada or a death in the family, our experienced wealth management experts have a solid handle on how best to proceed.



Our clients recognize that life is too short to stress over managing finances and prefer to defer to a professional that will manage their investments, plan their wills, organize their estate, guide them through philanthropic endeavors and ultimately ensure that their next generation is left in the best possible hands. Additionally, they enjoy the freedom of having our team communicate directly with their accountants and lawyers to coordinate tax, business, real estate and other time sensitive transactions.

If this sounds like you contact me directly at 604.961.8525 or at to discuss further how we can help you.