Michael Yhip Wealth Partners of RBC Dominion Securities


1. Discovery meeting

There’s no obligation. In this meeting, we build an understanding, explain our service, and establish how we’ll measure success.

2. Proposal

We present a proposal for what we plan to achieve together, and then ensure our service is aligned with expectations.

3. Plan and execute

We build an overarching wealth management roadmap of core services, covering financial planning, tax minimization, investment management, insurance, risk management, and estate planning.

4. Monitor and evolve

We then consider the other ways we can add value beyond traditional wealth management and be extremely helpful.

Our team is always trying to ensure that the right fit exists in our relationship with our clients. While our focus is on business owners and those that are interested in creating and maintaining wealth strategically, our main criteria is that we work with nice people that want to have professional help.

We have no investment minimums and there are times where we will work with clients simply because we believe and want to be a part of their story.

We would like to hear your story and you can reach out to us by completing the form below. Required fields are marked with an "*".

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