A shave and a haircut

Jun 15, 2020 | Mark Ryan


On New Year’s Eve, I’m told Nostradamus made an appearance at a friend’s party, and predicted these June headlines:

  • “Trump will say something ridiculous, causing his exhausted apologists “yuge” anxiety.
  • “Trudeau will say a lot -- by not saying a lot -- and will grow his hair out roughly in pace with the national debt.”

Predicable predictions all. And he failed to mention these:

  • “Free state of CHAZ declared in downtown Seattle, with verbal support of mayor.”
  • “Amazon Price Target raised to $3000 US.”
  • “NHL players and teams negotiate pay-cut and July training camp.”
  • “Tesla now most valuable car-maker in the world.”

But even those are dull compared with:

  • “World-wide plague far from over.”
  • “3-month shut-down of… earth.”
  • “Biggest race riots in decades.”

All this, stirred in to a fulsome fermentation of endless US election gibberish, is making markets twitchy, speaking of which:


Market News: No V-shaped recovery for interest rates

With the Fed’s punch bowl here to stay, investors are looking at another multiyear period of under-the-belly-of-a-baby-ant low interest rates. We explore why this one may be even more challenging than the last, and how to adjust on the fly.


The U.S. equity market needs a muscle relaxant:

But the stock market had enough to digest during the week, (see above) and was on edge as better news from small businesses and resilience in Technology stocks were outweighed by lofty stock valuations and worsening COVID-19 news.


Full story here: Global Insight Weekly


Lastly, on a personal note, we said good-bye to one of our chickens at the semi-legal Ryan family micro-hatchery last night, which was much harder than it was supposed to be. We had no idea how fond we’d grow of the little nattering critters. Sleep well little lady.


Enjoy your weekend.


Raincoats still on the rack at Costco last I looked. Just say’n.