Is your insurance covering enough?

Sep 06, 2019 |Mark Porretta
While home and auto insurance are staples for most people, many tend to forget about liability insurance, and, specifically, a personal liability umbrella policy. Due to the accessibility of information now, there is more risk than ever before for high...
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Rising tides for athlete's earnings

Aug 02, 2019 |Mark Porretta
There's no perfect formula for how much money people make. This has never been more evident than in professional sports. Athletes’ salaries illustrate one of the basic economic theories; you get paid as much as someone is willing to pay you. Last week...
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A Guide to Recession

May 31, 2019 |Mark Porretta
Last week we had a meeting with one of our investment partners and were handed an internal marketing item that we found rather interesting. It discussed a topic that’s on everyone's mind – when will the next recession start. What we liked about this marketing...
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Ray Dalio Says Capitalism's Income Inequality Is National Emergency

Apr 12, 2019 |Mark Porretta
Ray Dalio, founder of Bridgewater Associates and one of the worlds largest hedge funds, has declared a national emergency. However, he is not talking about a trade war or securing the southern border but rather the idea of losing the American dream. Dalio...
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It all starts with a plan

Mar 01, 2019 |Mark Porretta
Most people look at retirement as the "light at the end of the tunnel". People work decades at their 9-5 jobs in the hopes of one day: taking that trip of a lifetime, joining that prestigious golf club or spending more time with their loved ones. However...
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DIY Approach for Executors? We would suggest otherwise

Feb 22, 2019 |Mark Porretta
Speaking about death and planning for the aftermath is a touchy subject for most people and rightfully so, as it means that we have lost someone close to us. The unfortunate reality is that no one is immortal, and when a loved one passes, we are left...
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Changing profit environment for U.S. companies

Feb 15, 2019 |Mark Porretta
Much of the last 8 years has been a prosperous time for many investors. With the most recent Q4 correction, investors recently became worried that it was something more. While we haven't experienced a worse December for the S&P 500 since 1930, it has...
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Starting a business? How to plan for success as an entrepreneur

Feb 08, 2019 |Mark Porretta
I came across this great article that highlights the story and experiences of Dr. Marjorie Dixon. She goes through the ups and downs of starting and growing her own business from eight employees to 80 full time employees. She goes in depth describing...
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Strategic Alliance Between RBC GAM and BlackRock

Jan 29, 2019 |Mark Porretta
Some interesting news came out on Tuesday between RBC GAM and BlackRock. RBC GAM and BlackRock are forming a strategic alliance to bring together the ETF families to create RBC iShares and a $60 billion pool of index-based investments. This is another...
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Buffet does it again!

Jan 29, 2019 |Mark Porretta
As retail investors we tend to forget the golden rules of successful investing. One of these great rules is "Be greedy when others are fearful and be fearful when others are greedy." The strategic translation for Portfolio Managers and investors is to...
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