An open, trust-based relationship is the foundation of a successful wealth management solution. As wealth managers, we must understand your needs, attitudes and comfort level in order to craft a strategy that best fits you. As our client, you will be given a transparent view of the solutions and recommendations we make, so you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from being in control.

Partnership Discovery



Through our industry-leading client discovery process, we develop a deep understanding of your financial goals and personal values in order to identify your investment, retirement, tax and estate planning needs, and uncover unique opportunities to build and protect wealth. We provide a complete range of investment vehicles and styles to ensure the appropriate diversification of your investments. We work with you to put your objectives and goals into action, carefully selecting and implementing an investment management strategy to meet your needs. Communication is an integral part of our approach. You receive quarterly portfolio reviews, including performance, transactions and manager commentary, as well as an annual tax reporting package. In addition, we are always available to provide advice, answer questions or discuss your accounts.

Focusing a solution

Ongoing management:
Action to Performance™

We create a customized strategy to meet your objectives, drawing on the rich expertise, product selection and resources available to The Porretta Group of RBC Dominion Securities, anchored by the wisdom of a team of industry veterans and extensive internal resources. We review your portfolio with ongoing monitoring and rebalancing to accommodate changing market conditions and your changing needs.