Who we can help

Our services are designed for clients who have reached the stage where their financial affairs have become increasingly complex and they require professional assistance managing their investment assets.

Our clients include:

  • Busy executives and professionals looking to free their time to
    focus on personal and career goals

  • Successful business owners and self-employed professionals who need help managing personal and business assets

  • Pre-retirees who want to make the most of their retirement savings as they approach retirement

  • Retirees requiring innovative strategies to maximize their after-tax retirement income, while protecting their financial security

  • Well-established families seeking professional guidancetransferring wealth to the next generation in a tax-efficient manner

  • Philanthropists looking for creative ways to enhance their legacy to chosen charities

  • Non-profit organizations requiring assistance managing investment assets according to specific guidelines

  • Healthcare professionals who require comprehensive financial planning strategies and investment management so they can focus on their business