Examining the U.S. debt ceiling debate: Economic impacts and potential solutions

May 19, 2023 |The Simbul-Lezon Wealth Management Group

Despite the likelihood of resolution, concerns remain that the U.S. is on a path of ever-higher debt and deficits. This raises questions about the long-term fiscal health and any impact on U.S. credit rating, competitiveness, and economic trajectory.

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Quiet Market Action: A look at Q1 Earnings, US Regional Banks, and Interest Rates

May 05, 2023 |The Simbul-Lezon Wealth Management Group

Corporate earnings haven't been too bad, strains in the regional banking sector have been well absorbed by the markets, and interest rates appear to be peaking which marks an important inflection point.

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Global Insight Weekly RBC Wealth Management

Deciphering the Fed’s policy picture

May 04, 2023 |Thomas Garretson, CFA

With a paint-by-numbers policy decision, the Fed missed an opportunity to express itself more freely. And the market reaction this week reflects that.

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Inflation update - High and Falling, but what comes next?

May 03, 2023 |The Simbul-Lezon Wealth Management Group

Inflation rates have been volatile in recent years and have receded from their peak in 2022, but they still remain elevated by historical standards. We examine the nuance around inflation and what central banks may do next.

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