Through the DS Online Secure Message Centre, you can send and receive secure messages to and from The Simbul-Lezon Wealth Management Group. You can take comfort in knowing that your personal and confidential information is secured and protected by DS Online's state-of-the-art security technology. 

Need to request an administrative change to your investment accounts? You no longer need to provide your signature!

Don't have access to a printer, fax or scanner? Through the DS Online Secure Message Centre you can now request a variety of changes to your accounts, without having to provide your signature. Some of  the requests include: 

  • Update address and contact details
  • Remove a trading authority from your account
  • Provide authorization for a third party to view your accounts on DS Online
  • Request funds to be wired to another account
  • Request a cheque to be printed from your account
  • Request a withdrawal from your RSP account
  • Request an early RIF/LIF payment or changes to your RIF/LIF payment method or schedule

Contact us for more details on the DS Online Secure Messaging system including how to request the above changes and more.