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We are all striving to make sense of current events. Covid19 Resources page is designed to help YOU and your families navigate through this period. A variety of articles and podcasts around understanding changes to markets, taxes and planning considerations that our specialists have put together. This page will be updated regularly.

Not every investor has access to good information and support in their decisions. Should you have friends or family that are frustrated, or looking for a higher service standard through these times, we would welcome an introduction.


Government Announcements - Update on Canadian government's economic response to Covid 19....Read More

A Very Different Kind of Crisis - The paths of financial markets and economies almost always involve uncertainties - It's par for the course. But the abundance of uncertainties brought about by Covid 19 is making the .....Read more

10 Principals of  Successful Investing During Volatile Markets - Stock market volatility is a normal part of investing. But what you do - and don't do- during times of higher volatility can make the difference between success and failure as an investor.......Read More

Wealth Strategies During a Market Downturn -  In an economic climate that is constantly evolving and changing this article presents key wealth planning strategies ....Read More

Parent Resources - While many of us adjust to life working remotely, it is not lost on us that your are likely busy thinking of new ways to replace structured education ....Read More

The Family Inventory Guidebook - The most helpful tool your Executor or Power of Attorney will want from you!  Store information in a secure place or your safety deposit box. Update every 3 years or when there is a significant change....Download now

Will and Will Planning - This guide can help prepare you for a meeting with your lawyer.  Familiarizing yourself with the tools and verbiage that goes with Will and Estate Planning before the meeting can save your time and money... Download now










Podcasts that provide insights from RBC economists and market experts on events unfolding around the world.

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