Our clients are …
  • Foundations, endowments and corporate clients who require a disciplined, pension-style approach to investment management.  For these clients we deliver an innovative investment platform that provides convenient access to a professionally managed, fully customized investment portfolio. This platform provides access to some of the world’s leading investment managers, backed by RBC’s proven investment discipline.
  • High net worth families requiring individual wealth preservation solutions that take into consideration tax and estate implications in a global marketplace.  Our comprehensive approach to wealth management provides full advisory services, complementing an investment platform that provides strict due diligence over some of the world’s top investment management firms.  The objective is to provide a multi-generational plan with a peace of mind solution.
  • Philanthropists looking for discreet and thoughtful ways to bequeath assets to chosen charities.  The breadth and depth of RBC Wealth Management’s resources are placed at the disposal of our clients to ensure their wishes are fulfilled.

At O’Sullivan Wealth Management, our objective is to provide a comprehensive, innovative and professional wealth management solution for our clients, enabling them to achieve their financial goals.