As your wealth grows it is often accompanied with complexities.

My team and I work with your family to help simplify your wealth planning, while implementing strategic solutions.

Our approach is to engage internal and external seasoned professionals to help with every aspect of your wealth plan.

Portfolio Management is still the main-stay of what we do.  We bring top-ranked, third party asset management firms to run key elements of your investment portfolio, with our oversight, and RBC due diligence.

We then prepare wealth and cash flow projections that help you visualize your current status as well as the trajectory of your wealth.  This also helps us identify areas of potential vulnerability which we can help you address. 

We engage internal legal counsel to discuss succession plans, wills strategies as well as other considerations to protect you and your family, as well as maximizing tax efficiency in wealth transfer.  We provide you with a detailed list of recommendations to be implemented.

An internal Estate Planning Specialist will then review your current insurance plans, and make suggestions.  We will also look at other possible applications of estate planning strategies in tax efficient planning for you and your family.

The goal:  Engaging smart, experienced people to manage your wealth with simplicity.