O’Sullivan Wealth Management Investment Update - Perspective...

Jun 03, 2019 | Kevin O'Sullivan


We will always be faced with challenges, some of our own doing and some over which we have no control – how we respond to these issues is what matters...

I try to make a practice of finding things for which I am grateful at the beginning and at the end of each day. This practice serves to help me to take stock what is going well in a world that can often seem chaotic and perplexing.


First and foremost I am grateful for this amazing thing we call life. Whether from the perspective of science in the form of atoms, molecules and energy, or from a more spiritual perspective of a creator, this mystery we call life is truly an amazing gift. Making the most of this gift, on a daily basis, is the essence of our existence.


Which makes it so difficult when we lose someone close to us. Even harder to bear is when someone is plucked from this world far too early. In times of profound grief it’s difficult to find sense in an untimely passing. The gift, then, is their presence in our lives for their time, however brief or extended. Not enough, but it helps.


Our friends and family are often those who are closest to us. They share our wins, and support us in challenging times. These are the people that we share our lives with, and I often find that acknowledging my gratitude for their being in my life helps me to better value the gift of their presence.


There are always those who cross us. Whether on the highway, at work, or just about anywhere – there is always someone who will rub me the wrong way. But without these interactions I wouldn’t be challenged to grow. These situations are a mirror for me, driving me to reflect on who I am, and can be. In fact, as difficult as it sometimes is, I am most grateful for these interactions, so that I might handle things differently in order to continue to evolve.


I was recently at a regional conference that was put on by my firm. I joined RBC 6 years ago, having spent most of my career with Scotiabank, or ScotiaMcLeod. Listening to the various speakers from within and outside the firm, as well as speaking with my colleagues, made me realize how grateful and fortunate I am to be a part of this thriving organization. We lead from within, and it is clear to me that RBC is comprised of leaders, across the board, who make this firm great!


I am truly blessed to be in my current role. My career allows me to interact with interesting people from all walks of life. My work is dynamic, with change being a constant, while adapting to new technologies, ideas and concepts. This keeps my world exciting, interesting and engaging – I wouldn’t have it any other way.


I am grateful for my clients. These are people whom I have come to know, and who trust me with the important task of managing their wealth. The fees that my clients pay RBC and me support me and my family. I strive to honour this bond by engaging all available resources to safeguard and enhance every aspect of this relationship that has been placed in my trust. It’s also a journey that we take together, and it’s that journey, through good and challenging times, that makes it all worthwhile.


In a field that is intensely competitive I am grateful to work alongside colleagues, who, at every level, exemplify professionalism. The RBC culture is founded on collaboration between platforms to make the client first. No firm is perfect, and there is always room for improvement, but I can say with confidence that we have got a lot right, and more importantly we are constantly finding ways to make the client experience even better.


Everyone has a story. No one has arrived at where they are unscathed. Some have experienced greater battles than others. For my part, my transitions have taken me all over the world and shown me experiences that I never would have imagined. For all of us, fire tempers steel. My experiences have made me who I am – for that I am also grateful.


I am often pleasantly surprised by a comment from someone one who has read my emails. I thank you for taking the time out of your day to read what I have shared. It means a lot to me.


Again I come back to my most fundamental reason for being grateful – this life I share with all of you, and all of the amazing abundance that surrounds us. Some days are better than others, and it’s the challenging times that make us truly appreciate when things go right – but overall it’s a remarkable world!


We will always be faced with challenges, some of our own doing and some over which we have no control – we may make wrong decisions, the financial markets may be volatile, our lives or businesses may be disrupted, political decisions may affect us unfavourably, but how we respond to these issues is what matters. Taking the time to look around us to see and acknowledge what is working will often bring perspective to the chaos. This fresh outlook can put circumstances in a different light, and reveal that things actually look pretty good.