First, Katherine will listen to you.

Before she looks at your current portfolio, Katherine will ask questions and carefully listen as you explain your investment objectives, your financial goals, and the specifics of your unique, individual situation. Then, and only then, will she ask to see your portfolio.

Second, she will analyze your current holdings.

Katherine will then undertake a diligent analysis of your holdings by blending your investment objectives with her knowledge of the current market conditions, the resources that are available through RBC Dominion Securities, and the timely market and economic updates that she receives from the RBC Investment Strategy Committee. Once she has completed her evaluation, she will offer you her best opinion on the quality and suitability of the investments that you presently own.

Lastly, Katherine will bring it all together.

In the final step, she will take the results of her analysis and will compare it to the criteria that you outlined at the first meeting. If your current portfolios properly structured, she will tell you so. If she feels that changes should be made, she will make specific recommendations. What you will end up with is a comprehensive evaluation that is strictly confidential. But most importantly, you will end up with the peace of mind of knowing that your current investment portfolio is properly structured or, if it is not, at least with the confidence of knowing the changes that you need to make.

In addition to helping you manage your investments and finances, Katherine helps you plan your retirement, save for a family member’s education, protect your lifestyle, fund a major purchase or create your legacy.

Custom Designed Solutions

Should you allow her the privilege of helping you with the future management of your portfolio, she can offer you regular account updates, portfolio reviews, online account access and research reports on your holdings.


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